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Why Should I Choose Depart?

It is appreciated by customers on all geographic locations in the world with wide spare parts stock, strong service network and quick service for any kind of mill and any capacity. Depart is a group company of Alapala Group which is one of the two largest companies in milling sector in the world with its state of the art technological infrastructure, expert staff and 62 years of experience.

Alapala Genuine Parts

Alapala Genuine Parts
• In every detail, all Alapala genuine parts designed to work together perfectly for optimum performance, reliability and a long service life. And that also goes for Alapala Genuine Parts, which are manufactured to the same rigorous specifications as the factory-fitted..

Depart Economy Parts

Depart Economy Parts • Depart serves to all milling facilities worldwide with Depart Economy Parts which are quality tested, in perfect order and also valuable at attractive prices. • Get the most out of your machine with Depart Economy Parts, which are designed, manufactured and t..

The benefits of Depart Spare Parts

Why Depart? • Optimum performance, reliability and service life • Optimum fit to your machines which ensures to work together perfectly • Engineered to the exact specifications and tolerances of your machine • Worldwide network which helps us for just in time” de..

Just in Time

Just in Time As we are aware that our customers are in need of non-stop production anytime and anywhere, we not only deliver quality parts for continuous performance but also maintain a sales network in 7 continents and 78 countries which connects the entire world. As a result, you can always ..

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Convert the opportunities to your benefits by joining Depart, a fast growing milling spare parts company across the world.

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