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Automatic carton closers and units

The carton closing modules manufactured by DUETTI are automatic machines for top closing/sealing of American (RSC) cartons by ADHESIVE TAPE or HOT-MELT GLUE. Some models are also suitable for sealing both the upper and lower carton flaps if this has not done before.

Lid/cover forming and positioning modules for open (HSC) cartons or display boxes are also part of the range.

Adhesive tape sealers

Automatic tape sealers for closing and sealing cartons with adhesive tape. The adhesive tape is applied to the top, like the bottom of the carton flaps with easy mechanical adjustment of the machine according to the formats to be done.

Glue sealers

Automatic carton sealing with the application of hot-melt glue. The carton glue sealer is supplied complete with a heating and glue distribution unit. Adjustable for various formats.



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