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DUETTI can supply a wide range of palletisers:

  • Cartesian movement palletiser
  • Layer / sweep palletiser
  • Palletisers for packaging with anthropomorphic robots
  • 4 axis column palletiser

All DUETTI palletisers are designed to work with different types of products such as cartons, crates, shrink-packs, canisters.

  • Management of more than one infeed/outfeed lines
  • Optimum design with minimum footprint
  • Highest safety levels
  • Excellent balance between quality and price

    Each series of machines can be integrated with optional modules for full automation of the system.

  • Lott formation modules to speed up systems and the pallet appearance.
  • Automatic management and positioning of separators or flat layercards.
  • Manual or automatically loaded pallet magazines.
  • Manual or automatically loaded layer-card magazines.
  • Possibility of autoprogramming.
  • Integrated software for creating palletizing patterns.
  • On line assistance and vision systems.

Compact systems with integrated product packaging are also available, such solutions are advantageous because, in addition to requiring a lower economic investment, include in a single reduced space, the complete end of line process.




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