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Profrog is a telescopic conveyor which is used to transport products to different distances. Profrog transports packaged products such as sacks, parcels, and pallets with all the requirements brought by today’s technology. Profrog systems offer the most effective transportation and stacking opportunities for vehicles such as containers, pickup trucks, trucks, and lorries mainly in the logistic sectors.

Profrog is actively used in most large projects instead of traditional solutions. It provides a significant improvement in loading and unloading time. The easy integration makes it attractive to use in existing warehouses.

With the collaboration between Depart and Profrog, Depart has been authorized to sell Profrog products all over the world. Depart also provides other conveyor belt models to carry out systematic
transportation in flat, angled, and maneuvering transportation in different levels and vehicle loading stacking areas by minimizing the manpower in production lines of facilities.