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Shrink wrapping machine Eco Sealer 45

Shrink wrapping machine Eco Sealer 45

The Eco Sealer 45 packaging machine is a low-consumption heat-shrink machine suitable for medium / small production companies such as artisans, commercials, etc. The absolute reliability and high performance, combined with a high operating silence, low energy consumption and ease of use, unique of its kind, make it a cutting-edge product.


Bell-shaped heat-shrink packaging machine easy to use

The shrinking machines, Eco sealer 45 series, are suited to the small/medium companies (artisan and commercial) and the functionality and small dimensions are their main advantages. They are characterized by high performance, reliability, low energy consumption, minimum noise and are very easy to use. All the machine functions are displayed and controlled by the digital control panel. USE: The operator inserts the product into the shrink film, guides it inside the sealing area and close the chamber. Sealing and shrinking are simultaneous.

Features and parameters


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