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Drying Solutıons

Design Features and Characteristics

o Drying System
o Unloading System
o Heat Generating Sources
o Fines Collectors
o Aspiration System
o Fire Suppression System

o Thermal Insulation
o Compressed Air Network
o Noise Reducers
o Control Panel
o Dispatch and Logistics
o Assembling

• Modular Construction Design - Enlargeable
• Air Columns Without Intermediate Floors
• High Efficiency Fans
• Combustion Chamber- Homogenization Wall
• Adjustable Cool Air Floor Panels
• Sound Structural Integrity
• Multiple Heat Generating

• Half Baffles - Grain Rotation
• Same Path - Same Residence Time
• Quality and Uniformity of Drying
• Lower Static Pressure
(18-20 mm w.c.) (0.70-0.79” w.c.)
• Low Speed of Hot Air through the Grain
• High Specific Air Flow (61/73 m3/min/tn) (55/65 CFM/Bu)
• The Grain is not in Contact with the External Walls

Air Flow Inside the MEGA Grain Dryer

Exceptional Mixed Flow Design

Combination of Baffle and Column Systems. Enhances the advantages of both designs.

MEGA Unloading System

• Proportional and Linear Discharge
• Sweeping Plate
• Uniform Grain Flow
• No Grain Breakage


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