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End Of Line Packaging Machines


    DUETTI, is the ideal partner for the supply of safety devices, industrial conveyors and other equipment for integrating into existing production lines or for other uses.


      Automatic machines for wrapping pallet loads with film ensuring the pallet is stable and compact. Rotary arm, rotary-table and semi-automatic solutions.

      Robot cells

        The multisector DUETTI past, present and future experience in developing customized robot systems for palletizing and case packing, ensures the already solid know how base continuously expands.


          DUETTI can supply a wide range of palletisers:

          Cartesian movement palletiser
          Layer / sweep palletiser
          Palletisers for packaging with anthropomorphic robots
          4 axis column palletiser

          Automatic carton closers and units

            The carton closing modules manufactured by DUETTI are automatic machines for top closing/sealing of American (RSC) cartons by ADHESIVE TAPE or HOT-MELT GLUE. Some models are also suitable for sealing both the upper and lower carton flaps if this has not done before.
            Lid/cover forming and positioning modules for open (HSC) cartons or display boxes are also part of the range.


              A wide range of monoblock (single body) lift & place system carton packaging machines designed and manufactured according to the product to be transported. It is used in all product groups that need to be packaged.

              Carton Formers

                The carton formers from the “FORMER” range are automatic machines for prepared American (RSC) cartons fitted with carton blank magazines, which open, erect and seal the carton. The cartons once prepared can be filled by hand, or sent to an automatic carton packer.


                  The depalletising solutions break down into two main categories: Layer or inflatable tubes depalletisers