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Other Parts

Fan For Air Cycle Tarar

    Air Recycling tarar provides products and impurities are separated from each other by means of air in the aspiration duct. Tarar fan, fan permits a better separation of the particles, the discharge of the particles due a screw.

    Silo Discharger Arm

      The silo discharger arm acts as a joint between the fixed upper part and the movable conical lower part of the silo discharger. It is made of high quality cast iron material.


        Sensors, which are used to measure heat, motion, speed and many more, help to measure and control the correct production in many industrial areas. Sensors are very important in mills. You can obtain many different models of sensors from Depart.

        Segment Rings

          You can contact Depart customer representatives for Segment Rings produced in international standards and in various sizes.

          Polyamide Gear

            Polyamide gear ensures coordinated operation of vibro motors in semolina purifiers. It allows the semolina purifier to work silently and efficiently thanks to the material it is made and the regular oscillating movement it provides.


              Loadcell is the converter used to convert a weight force into an electrical signal. It is mostly used in low capacity tank weighing systems, platform scales, bagging and dosing machines, and belt scales.

              Handles & Locks

                All machines used in the mill have handles or locks on control panels or adjustment parts or at different points. These can break and wear out over time. You can obtain your handle needs for every brand and model from Depart.

                Cable Ducts & Trays

                  Cable ducts & trays helps clear and space-saving in your mill. More than just an optical aspect, because orderly cable routing saves time and money. It facilitates maintenance and repair work and increases general operational safety.

                  Filter Cage

                    They are the cages in which the bags used in aspiration are passed. For Filter Cage at affordable prices, contact Depart customer representatives.

                    Plansifter Hanging Rods

                      You can supply sieve hanger rods made of durable material from Depart according to the working principle of the sieves. According to their working principle, the plan sifter is fixed to the ceiling by using hanging rods.