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Plastic And Rubber Parts


    It is found in machines that operate with vibration in the mill. Vibration wedges are used in the realization of the swinging movement provided by the vibro motor.

    Silo Discharger Rubbers

      The raw product supplied by the mills for processing is stored in silos. When the product is transported to the mill for processing, problems in fluidity may occur due to the weather conditions and the structure of the product (particles of different sizes).

      Rubber Sleeves

        Sleeves have a wide range of uses. In the milling industry, rubber sleeves are used as fittings, connecting pipes or other components. Rubber Sleeves produced in international standards, in various diameters and heights are at Depart.


          These are the covers used to control and clean the flow pipes. For your mill in various sizes, produced in international standards, Covers are at Depart.

          Scale Surrounding Rubber

            It provides sealing during the flow of the product from the body in the Extraction Rate Scale. Scale Surrounding Rubber in various sizes, produced in international standards, are in Depart.

            Diaphragm Rubbers

              Filter diaphragms located in the pneumatic section on the jet filters in the mills provide reverse air to the Filter bags in the Jet filter, providing the reverse air required to whisk the bags and separate the dust and granules accumulated on the filter bag.

              Hanging Bushings

                The hanger used to fix the shaft on the screw conveyors to the body is located in the bushing house. Hanging Bearing Bushings produced in international standards and in different sizes are in Depart.