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Roller Mill Group

Roller Mill Sight Glass

    It is used to monitor the grain and its level coming from the product feeding line to the roller feed box. Vals product entry box glass is in Depart in various sizes and at the most affordable prices.

    Roller Mills Rolls

      Roller mill rolls which are used grinding wheat, corn, oat, grain, coffee; produced from high quality raw materials using best workmanship. Rolls produced in all sizes and models according to raw material specifications are at Depart.

      Roll Scraper Blade

        As the product sticks to the rolls during grinding and crushing, the scraping roller blades clean the rollerball. Rolls scraper blades with high quality, various sizes and affordable prices are at Depart.

        Roll Scraper Brush

          Scraper brushes made of various materials are used to clean the roll. You can obtain roller brushes in different sizes, different brands and with reasonable price options from Depart.

          HMI Touch Panels

            Capacity and flow levels can be observed and machine settings can be made through the touch and key control panels on the machines that require monitoring and control.


              While the rolls are running at high performance, all auxiliary elements must have the capacity to contribute to this performance in order for the rolls to rotate properly. The quality of pulleys is important for both rolls and belts to operate at high performance.

              Fine Adjustment Gauge & Shell

                It is used to adjust the distance between the rolls with fine precision. When the distance between the toes becomes narrower, the grain is crushed more. The diameters of the rollers that are worn during the grinding process become narrower after the processing, in this case the distance between the

                Feed Roll & Spreader Roll

                  Feed roll allows the grain coming from the feeding line to be opened to the surface of feeding balls quickly. The roller feed balls are designed to distribute the grain coming from the feeding line on the roller balls by means of an anchor roller.

                  Roll Exchange Set

                    Roll Exchange Set The disassembling of a roller set and the assembling of a new roller set are performed in 20 minutes, so the downtime of the milling section is minimized. The roller set can be replaced without any special tools thanks to the practical solutions used… Read More »Roll Exchange Set

                    Level Sensor

                      Level sensors measures the delivery of the grain flowed from the inlet chamber to the roll machine to be grinded in an appropriate amount according to the capacity and flow chart, keeps the grain level given with the flow under control.