Sectoral Solutions

Sieve Stretching Machine

It is a pneumatic system that works to compress the fabrics of the sieves with equal force and fix them to the sieve frame at the appropriate tension. You can supply Sieve Stretching Machine produced in international standards and in different sizes at Depart.

Filter Bag Cleaning Machine

The filter bag cleaning machine allows the filters to be cleaned quickly without having to remove them from the basket. It can work with brushes of different diameters, cleaning the filters to be used more than once and contributing to lower operating costs.

Pipe Cleaning Machine

The pipe cleaning machine allows quick and easy cleaning of the flow pipes in your production line. It provides efficient cleaning of all pipes with the help of brushes. Portable, easy to carry, and energy saving.

Dust Stop Hopper

Dust Stop Hopper is used for any type of dusty loads, it eliminates the need for filtration systems. The principle of operation fort he patented hopper system. DS-DUST STOP is focusing the dust inside the product flow.