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Sifting Group

Adhesive Glue & Accelerator

    They are strong adhesives made up of strong chemicals. With the active ingredients and activators in them, they dry and harden very quickly and adhere. There are varieties in different formulas and according to their fast drying degrees.

    Stainless Wire Meshes

      Meshes made of 304 and 316 quality stainless steel, which are most commonly used in the food industry, are very important for cleaning products. Stainless & Wire Mesh Screens are now available with Depart quality.

      Nylon Mesh

        Food grade nylon meshes are suitable for food industry in the screening section. Nylon sieves produced in accordance with the international food codex are at Depart with reasonable prices and the use of quality materials.

        Purifier Sieve Frame Drawers

          Semolina Purifier Case Drawer is produced in international standards. Semolina Purifier Case Drawer can be obtained from Depart at reasonable prices and in different sizes.

          Purifier Sieve Frames

            Semolina purifier cases are produced in international standards. Semolina purifier crates are at Depart with affordable prices and quality materials.

            Purifier Brush

              Semolina Purifier Brush cleans the sieve in the semolina purifier case and prevents clogging. Semolina Purifier Brush is available in Depart with reasonable prices and different sizes.

              Mesh Tensioning Meter

                While the sieves are being produced, it is used to mesh tension measure whether the appropriate tension is provided to the sieving and electronically. It is very important for the healthy operation of the sieves.

                Sieve Cleaners

                  The sieve cleaners, which directly affect the operation of the sieves with full performance and the quality of the product, are produced from food-compatible materials. You can purchase Sieve Cleaners from Depart.

                  Sieve Boxes & Insert Frames

                    The crates used in the sieve machines in the sieving section are used to sift the product by shaking and to sift the unwanted products. Sieve Boxes and Telora are at Depart with high quality and reasonable prices.