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A Critical Part in Milling: Sight Glass

As millers know very well, observing every step of the production process is highly important for quality and efficiency. Even the slightest setback can impact operations unexpectedly. Monitoring the details of each process sometimes enables millers to predict failures before they occur, resulting in considerable cost, labor, and time savings.

To this end, sight glasses, a transparent and simple tube variety, are among the critically important parts of a mill. As they resemble glass, they are also called plexiglass tubes. Made of durable and easily processable materials, these tubes are available in many different sizes.

As they are resistant to heat, different kinds of fluids, and impact, sight glasses enable practical and efficient use in milling, like in many other areas. Also known as flow sight glasses, they are used on many milling machines and flow pipes. Thanks to placement between pipelines, they allow millers to observe product flow during production. Since millers can check whether the process runs smoothly and the product flows properly through observations, they can immediately intervene when needed. Sight glasses are of critical importance in milling operations as they considerably contribute to end-product quality, process efficiency and cost management.

Holding the broadest spare part sales and distribution network in the milling industry, Depart offers over 10 thousand items, including high-quality sight glasses. Operating as a reliable and strong business partner for millers across the globe, Depart provides full support to its customers with its quality- and customer-oriented approach and broad inventory of spare parts.

In addition to more than 45 offices and three distribution centers located across the world, Depart offers the possibility of online shopping via its e-commerce site, Depart Shop, which is a first in the industry. Millers worldwide can easily purchase sight glasses in various models and sizes from Depart to ensure smooth running milling plant operations and high production quality.

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