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Automatic wrapping machine Arm Wrap 2500B

Automatic wrapping machine Arm Wrap 2500B

The Arm Wrap 2500 B model is an automatic machine suitable for medium / high production runs. For its compliance, it can be installed at the end of each automatic production line or as an independent unit. It has a table rotation speed of 15 rpm (rotations per minute). The machine is equipped with a SIEMENS PLC and a 7.2 "color touch screen display.


Line pallet wrapper is designed to keep the load immobile and wrap it with stretch film using a mechanical rotating arm

Arm Wrap 2500B is conceived to give the opportunity to keep the pallet still and to stabilize the product using a rotating arm. The machine is suited for medium/high production capacity and for unstable loads. It can be installed at the end of automatic production lines or as separated unit. It is available with infeed and outfeed roller conveyors. Motorizes prestretch system set at 250% with the possibility to interchange manually the pre-stretch ratios up to 300%.The touch screen ensures high flexibility and functionality: easy set up, fault detection and manual setting. The machine is also equipped with the claim, cutting and sealing unit and many other options. Available with safety guards, interlocked doors and infeed and outfeed safety barriers.

Features and parameters


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