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You can reach Satake machines with Depart quality and difference.

Product Features

  • Food codex compliant stainless steel construction
  • 4 full color RGB cameras and 2 NIR cameras
  • Shape and size sorting software
  • Seperation of same colored glass and inorganic products
  • Dust collection unit
  • 650 mm band width
  • Long lighting time with 6 white LEDs and 4 NIR LEDs
  • 136 ejectors with 5mm pitch

Optical Sorters

With 124 years of experience in rice process, Satake enables highly efficient and continuousoperation in cleaning, husking, milling and sorting stages. Rice grinding systems process thepaddy gradually, the targeted result in rice processing is to minimize the grain breakage and toreach a homogeneous, bright and high quality product.


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