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Better Results and Increased Efficiency with Profrog’s Advanced Conveyor Systems

Loading, stacking, and discharge processes in operations that require the transfer of supplied goods among multiple locations are critical for the overall efficiency of businesses from any industry. Efficient tools and systems that significantly improve these processes that are closely associated with many primary topics, from resource management and occupational safety to costs and sustainability, may offer unique advantages to those who utilize them. Flexible systems leveraging the power of technology effectively to respond to diverse needs provide substantial support to operational excellence, efficiency, and sustainability.


The developments we witnessed in digitalization and automation in recent years have helped improve efficiency in all areas, with a steady growth in flexible and scalable options to meet specific needs effectively. Manufacturing banded transport systems designed with a focus on efficiency and ease of use to meet transportation demands of milling plants and businesses from other industries, Profrog stands out with its advantageous range of products.

Profrog offers solid solutions to meet diverse needs

Profrog’s range of effective solutions distributed by Depart supports all phases of loading, stacking, and discharge operations. It adds value to logistics operations with easy-to-use, robust, and durable banded transport systems.


In addition to a broad product range, from straight band conveyors with a high carrying capacity to angled band conveyors and rotation conveyors available in 45, 90, and 180 degrees to cascading telescopic conveyors, Profrog also offers tailored manufacturing services.

Cascading Telescopic Conveyor Systems

Offering the most effective means to carry and stack loads, mainly for trucks and trailer trucks operating in the logistics industry, Profrog telescopic conveyor systems are available in various band sizes. Featuring multiple steps attached to a main body and adjustable for truck beds of any length, these systems can also be supported with a 6-motion industrial controller. Offering high functionality with their hydraulic angled body design, Profrog telescopic conveyor systems enable the operators to adjust band position as required by the stacking conditions.


Produced in 12, 14, or 17-meter-long band options and offering a conveying of 15 packs per minute, Profrog telescopic conveyor systems also stand out with their moving boom. This moving arm extends the band length by up to 1.3 to 1.5 meters.


The sack pressing unit that fits all cascading systems helps users make the most of the available stacking and transportation area. Attached to the main body with its modular and ergonomic design, this system can be used with sacks up to 25 to 50 kilograms and operates synchronously with the telescopic band. The maintenance covers on the system make maintenance easier and enable time savings.


These effective systems that enable cost, labor, and time savings in plants ensure more efficient resource utilization. Also contributing to occupational safety and sustainability, Profrog banded conveyor systems satisfy customers with a high rate of return on investment.

Gain significant competition advantages with high-quality Profrog systems, powered by Depart!

You can rapidly and easily enhance the efficiency of your plant and operations at low costs with Profrog products supplied by Depart. The advanced Profrog banded transport systems standing out with their robust and convenient design for use in all factories and transport vehicles will enable you to make time and energy savings while improving sustainability and operational efficiency, yielding significant competitive advantages.


You may contact our representatives to learn more about Profrog’s telescopic and other conveyor systems that are highly appreciated in container loading as well with such features as sack pressing and moving boom. Also, regardless of your mill’s location, you can smoothly meet any spare part needs you may have via our e-commerce platform Depart Shop ( , available 24/7.

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