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Depart: A reliable global partner for milling spare parts

Depart, an Alapala Group affiliate providing continuous support to millers worldwide through its unique distribution network and a diverse range of high-quality mill spare parts, ensures a comprehensive and continuous spare-part supply for milling plants.


Driven by its global experience and customer-oriented approach, Depart holds the broadest spare-part sales and distribution network in the milling industry. With an inventory system that includes over 10 thousand items of milling spare parts, Depart can meet any spare part needs of milling plants across the world, including electrical, mechanical, and electronic components.


Quick Delivery of Milling Spare Parts at Competitive Prices


Manufacturing many spare parts at its own facilities enable Depart to enjoy the advantage of offering competitive prices to its customers, but also that of a quick delivery, boosting customer satisfaction even more. 


Running three distribution centers and more than 45 offices worldwide, all connected through advanced CRM systems, Depart can access real-time stock information on mill spare parts. Thus, it ensures prompt and punctual delivery, optimized transmit times, and minimized shipping costs.


And, here comes the best part: With a team of expert designers and technicians, the company can develop tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of millers globally. 


Powerful Dealer Network


With a particular focus on customer satisfaction, Depart offers a smooth business experience through its local dealers. Enabling higher availability of milling industry spare parts across the globe, Depart’s strong dealer network supports millers with accurate information, helping them make the best and most informed decisions to increase productivity.


Effectively, reliably, and quickly meeting the spare parts needs of millers worldwide, Depart enables them to ensure business continuity, avoid downtimes, reduce risks and operational costs, and enhance their efficiency. Supported by Depart’s comprehensive product and service offerings, millers can always keep their plant operating at optimum productivity.