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The technology giant Satake which was estabilished in Japan-1896; took it’s place in the large capacity of facilities around the world specially with it’s rice processing and optical sorting machines. Satake Turkey entered the Turkish market in 2018 with Depart and got full points from the Turkish manufacturers in a very short time.

Satake’s history began in 1896  with it’s founder Riichi Satake’s development of Japan’s first automatic rice mill. Since then, over 100 years of Satake’s experience and knowledge ensured flawless production in food processing systems around the world.

Satake supplies machinery and products to more than 150 countries focusing on rice, wheat and corn which are the 3 basic foodstuffs of humanity. Satake Turkey, which has a duty to meet the rapidly changing needs in the food and agriculture sectors, to create trust and provide best quality products and solutions on time in order to benefit its customers, gets its power from Depart.

With the mission of developing worlds best products for it’s customers, Satake is advancing the same vision and responsibility in Turkey too. Satake Turkey, which undertakes the responsibility of providing the best possible service to it’s customers, contributing to the development of the society and ensuring the maximum efficiency of the customer-service provider relationship; by selling machinery, supplying spare parts and providing services (troubleshooting, maintenance and installation services) are moving forward with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Satake which is the world leader in turnkey projects for rice and grain processing facilities and optical sorter productions; offers integrated systems and high-level engineering solutions for 6 different sectors by producing comprehensive machines.

It is possible to list the six main sectors that being operated by Satake around the world:
  • Rice Industry
  • Flour Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Feed Industry
  • Environmental Systems
  • Industrial Machinery Sector
Satake Turkey, which has been active in the Turkish market for five years with Depart, serves the producers of rice, grain, seeds, nuts, corn, coffee beans, dried food and plastic industry.

The main areas in which Satake Turkey provides sales, marketing and service by Depart are;

Satake Rice Process Machines

  • Rotary Sifter (ST)
  • Lenght Grader (LRG)
  • Milling Polisher (KB)
  • Paddy Husker (HA)
  • Pre-Cleaner (PC)
  • Milling Seperator (SFI)
  • Paddy Separator (PS)
  • Color Sorter (Color Sorter)
  • Destoner (SGA)
  • Vertical Rice Whitener (VBF)
  • Vertical Rice Whitener (VTA)

Satake Laboratory Equipment

  • Testing Mill
  • Milling Meter
  • Testing Husker
  • Digital Grain Moisture Meter

Satake Optical Sorters (Sorting)

  • Beltuza
  • EVO
  • Ezer
  • FMS
  • Pellet Sorter
  • Nirami

Satake Grain and Corn Machines

  • Degermer (VBF)
  • Debranner (VCW)
  • Debranner (VTA)

Satake Weighing Machines Machines

  • Double Basket Weighing Machine (IFW2)
  • Single Basket Weighing Machine (IFW1)

Besides Alapala’s strategic partnership with the world leader in grain processing technology Satake, Satake Turkey’s management is carried out by Depart. Depart, which determines the requirements of it’s customers in the fields of food, agriculture and plastic, follows the innovations and offers solutions according to the needs of the market. Depart continues to expand it’s product range with the aim of providing the best quality products and solutions on time in order to meet needs,build trust and benefit its customers. Working with the aim of increasing the quality of the products produced, providing high product efficency in large capacities, reducing plant costs, long-term use with Satake quality and uninterrupted service support, Depart also provides all spare parts and equipments that may be needed from A to Z.

Satake Turkey powered by Depart; apart from the turnkey traditional rice process projects, Satake launched Europe’s first rice milling facility Reach in 2019-Kahramanmaraş. This facility comprises all stages of the process from the paddy taken from the field to the rice that reaches our tables. All rice processing machines, interconnection equipments, conveying equipments, bunkers are produced with the Satake quality and offered to customers with Depart’s assurance. The process from the production of the machines to the installation at the customers facility is managed and finalized by Depart’s experienced expert engineers who have completed therin training in Satake Thailand and England factories. Satake Turkey’s expert engineers take samples and test their clients products in order to meet the highest capacity and efficiency demands of their customers in the most accurate way. Through these tests, the customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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