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Depart Flour Additives For Improved Flour Quality

Today, food products made of wheat flour play a critical role in the nutrition of the world’s population. Therefore, ensuring that flour, a fundamental food product, has high nutritious value is essential. Although the primary factor in consumer health and customer satisfaction is wheat quality, using supplementary substances can yield much better results. Flour producers worldwide utilize flour additives to enhance the quality and nutritiveness of their products. As a result of the increasing global demand for bread, biscuits, pasta, and bakery products, the flour additives industry keeps rapidly growing.


In recent years, due to the increased consumer awareness concerning healthy food products, nutritious foods have received considerable interest. Using premixes consisting of enzymes and micronutrients increases the nutritiveness of bakery products and plays a decisive role in their physical and functional properties by contributing to the textural qualities of flour.


Although grains naturally contain many nutrients, a significant part of these gets lost in processing due to various factors such as heat. Emulsifiers, enzymes, oxidizing, and reductive agents are among the most widely used flour additives.


Vitamins are generally more sensitive to heat, light, oxidizing, and reductive agents than minerals. The specific properties of the food product being processed can also impact the stability of minerals. Thus, the nutrients to be added need to be chosen carefully. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued some guidelines about the amounts of minerals and vitamins to be used to enhance flour’s nutritional value. These values apply regardless of the purpose of flour. Since wheat’s protein and carbohydrate content is quite intense, flour additives typically do not contain these substances.


Enzymes, which all living organisms have, are added to flour in very low amounts. In the production of bakery products, metabolic activities that enhance the dough’s stability and fermentation begin when flour meets water. Enzymes also help keep bread fresh for a prolonged period. Amylolytic enzymes are widely used to break down the starch in flour into sugar. Then, sugar gets fermented with yeast and produces carbon dioxide, which raises the dough. Various types of flour contain different kinds of enzymes, depending on their purpose.

Wheat also naturally contains iron, which plays a critical role in human health and development, and zinc, which supports the immune system. However, as mentioned above, a large part of these minerals can be lost in the milling process. The iron and zinc content in flour can be increased significantly with improvers. Producers need to add these two minerals in a balanced way by taking consumer needs into account.


B vitamins, which wheat naturally contains, also get lost to a considerable extent in the process of flour making as they are in the outer layers. Folic acid (Vitamin B9), thiamine (Vitamin B1), riboflavin (Vitamin B2 vitamin), niacin (Vitamin B3), and Vitamin B12 additives enhance flour’s quality, nutritional value, and positive impact on human health. Likewise, Vitamin A and pyridoxin are among the flour additives generally used.


In summary; flour improvers, which are food additives used in flour making to improve flour quality, baking functionality, and nutritiveness, are used for many purposes, including enhancing quality, offering more attractive products, preserving freshness, compensating for quality variations in raw materials, and facilitating mechanization.


Depart flour additives are specifically developed to improve and standardize your flour to meet your needs. We analyze flour samples and identify the additives required for better quality in our practice lab. Then, we add those improvers and prepare a sample dough to bake with your recipe and baking conditions. With Depart flour premixes, it is easy to achieve the ideal quality and taste.

If you wish to improve the efficiency and quality of your milling operations, you can contact our sales representatives to learn about our high-quality flour additives. Regardless of where you are across the world, Regardless of your mill’s location, you can smoothly meet any spare part needs you may have via our e-commerce platform Depart Shop (, available 24/7.

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