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Depart Pipe Cleaning Machine: Fast and Effective Cleaning

Grain mills are plants of critical significance in nutrition, a primary need of billions of people worldwide. Grains, such as wheat, rice, maize, rye, and barley play a fundamental role in ensuring a balanced and healthy diet for people of all ages.   Large grain volumes are processed in many stages at milling plants, which run comprehensive operations. Many factors determine final product quality. However, food safety is among the primary points to be considered at a grain processing plant, which, in turn, inevitably brings to mind the topic of cleaning.   Since it is inconvenient for grains to come in contact with water, most milling plants choose to employ dry cleaning methods. The process from the point of grain receiving until end products are dispatched from the plant features many environments that pose food safety risks. Therefore, staff training is a top priority at mills. Operations run by incompetent personnel include significant occupational and food safety risks. In addition to grain and plant cleaning, processing equipment cleaning is also important for high-quality and safe food production. Regular and effective machine cleaning helps eliminate food safety risks. Ensuring the continuity of production during cleaning procedures is another topic to consider.

Easy and effective cleaning for safe food production

Crop residues accumulate in time in the spouting pipes that enable flow among sections at milling plants, causing food safety risks along with pipe constriction and thus, significant capacity reductions.


Enabling fast and easy use, the Depart Pipe Cleaning Machine offers many benefits compared to conventional cleaning methods. This CE-certified machine consists of a motor, a connected shaft, and different brushes that can be attached to it. Its long shaft enables users to clean a length of up to 8 meters at a time. The toolbox is equipped with brushes of various hardness levels and diameters for effective cleaning. Thanks to the quick connection system, it only takes a few seconds to replace brushes.


The foot-controlled Depart Pipe Cleaning Machine also contributes to occupational safety. Its compact design and wheeled chassis enable easy transportation both during operation and within the plant. This effective machine, with all its parts manufactured with high-quality materials and craftsmanship just like its energy-saving motor, comes with a 12-month guarantee by Depart.

Fast and efficient cleaning without any interruptions to production processes is possible with the simple, cost-effective, and high-performance Depart Pipe Cleaning Machine! This advanced machine also ensures labor savings. For example, all pipes of a factory equipped with eight roller mills can be cleaned in one day by only two operators using the Depart Pipe Cleaning Machine.


Designed with a focus on food and occupational safety, business continuity, and resource and process efficiency, Depart Pipe Cleaning Machines enables unmatched benefits for milling plants on their journey toward operational excellence.

Safe and efficient milling operations across the globe

As Depart, we support millers worldwide with our experienced teams and broad network at every step of their operations and add value to their businesses. If you wish to improve the efficiency and speed of your cleaning processes, occupational safety, product quality, and food safety at your mill, you can contact our sales representatives to learn more about the CE-certified Depart Pipe Cleaning Machine. Regardless of your mill’s location, you can smoothly meet any spare part needs you may have via our e-commerce platform Depart Shop (, available 24/7.

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