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DM Packaging Group Products

DM Packaging
Group Products

EWP 600 - Box Motion

Horizontal packaging machine, designed for the packaging of fragile products that are difficult to pack.

50 Bags/Minute, 600 mm-Maksimum film Widht


  • Power supply 220 V
  • Weight 700 Kg
  • Sealing bars with adjustable opening (max 200 mm)
  • 3 pairs of rollers, the first two for the film feed, the third for sealing (diam 120 mm)
  • Safety casing with stoppage system in case of opening.
  • Motorized product unloading belt.
  • Emergency buttons with immediate interruption of the work cycle. – End-of-line courtesy buttons
  • Photocell for print centering included.
  • Max film reel width 600 mm.
  • Pneumatic reel-holder shaft
  • Sliding surfaces in AISI 304 steel compliant with CE standards
  • Dimensions 4000 x 630 x H1700
  • Max speed 50 pcs/min
  • Easy-to-open crumb collector casing


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