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HBTS Packaging Systems

BCM Series Overview

BCM Series

The BIM series of intermittent motion vertical baggers, by HBTS, are representing the state of the art in the industry ideally suited for the packaging of bulk and free flowing products of all kind.

Suitable for almost all mono and laminated packaging material of different thicknesses can be also equipped with different sealing types like heat sealing, PE material impulse welding or ultrasonic sealing.

Strong welded open frame hygienic design construction on levelling elements these compact intermittent motion VFFS servo machines are delivering maximum output ensuring a very high machine efficiency whilst producing perfect bag’s quality.

Built to last, this series is designed for low maintenance and for consistent 24/7 operations high performances year after year.

The machine can operate, according to the application, with a variety of products dosing systems and can be extensively customized in order to meet Customer’s specific requirements. The BIM VFFS is available in 2 web widths with max bag’s width of 160 or 280mm. This series is designed for highest flexibility in bags shape such as pillow and pillow chain pack, gusseted, block bottom and quad seals both with add-ons tooling.

Standard features include a large on board HMI for touch operations design and incorporates enabling the smooth adjustment of all operator inputs that are important for the packaging process: sealing time, sealing force, bag length and set output.

Main features

Fully servo driven by Schneider Electric PacDrive 3 motion control processor.

Open frame construction on levelling elements

Integrated electric board on either side of the machine

Full vision of the packaging process flow

Pneumatic lock reel shaft

Automatic film centring system with skidding correction

End of reel detector

Manual film splicing table with Venturi aspiration

On board HMI by 12” TFT LCD colour touch screen with Operator’s friendly graphic interface.

6 servomotors with quick disconnect features

Quick changeover

Twin film pulling belts 30mm width as standard

Zig-zag knives

Suitable for heat sealing applications

Servo controlled film unwinding

Fixed bag’s exit ramp

IP65 protection class

Machine status beacon light

Full compliance with CE Standards

Main options

Rockwell Allen Bradley on demand

Add on kit for block bottom bag

Add on kit for Quad seal bag

HMI on swivelling arm

Tube electro polished treatment for sticky products

Tube inside teflon coated

Simple funnel

Asymetric simple funnel

Funnel inside teflon coated

Funnel vibrating device

Dust extractor

Vacuum film pulling belts with vacuum pump

Gar flushing system with lance, flow meter and electro valve

Static eliminator system with noozles

Bags slanted exit conveyor

Multihead weighers

Cup fillers

Auger fillers

Single or multiple gantry platforms

Product,s elevator

Stainless steel execution

Metal detector ready (provisions)

Remote monitoring module

UL standards compliance


Pillow chain pack
Block bottom
Quad seals

BCM fact sheet



Max speed (mechanical)



Minimum bag width



Maximum bag width



Maximum bag length



Sealing force (N)



Max reel width



Where You Can Use?

Pasta, Spices, Confectionery,
Sugar, Salt, Coffee, Legumes, 
Flour, Grain, Powder food products

All types of products that comes from a hopper


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