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Level Sensor

Level measurement is provided by level sensor and loadcell systems.
The level sensor measures the grain feeding according to the capacity and flow chart. It consists of in-line capacitive sensors and used to control the grain level delivered by the flow. The sensitivity of half of the detection surface has been reduced by 50%, thus, the detection rate of dust accumulations on the surface has been reduced. Level sensors are designed for powder and granular materials.

On the other hand, the loadcell system is a newer technology with no dust adhesion problem on it. In this way a more efficient measurement is provided.

Roller Mill Group

Roller mills are machines with advanced technical equipment that are used to grind the grains such as wheat, semolina, corn, barley, oats, rye with the help of rolls. It is supported by pneumatic and automation systems. The roller mills differ according to the product type and capacity and consist of many electronic, mechanical, and pneumatic parts. You can supply all spare parts and equipment of roller mills from Depart.


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