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Roller Mills Rolls

These are smooth and fluted rolls used in the grinding process of wheat, corn, and other grain products. Rolls are manufactured with double poured centrifugal casting method and they are made of special alloy.

Fluted Rolls Smooth Rolls
Hardness Range 500-550 HB 430-480 HB
50-55 HRC 43- 48 HRC
520- 570 HV 450 – 500 HV
Diameter Range 150-400 mm 220-300 mm
Length Range 500-2200 mm 500-2200 mm
Hard Depth Range 15-25 mm 15-25 mm







Roller Mill Group

Roller mills are machines with advanced technical equipment that are used to grind the grains such as wheat, semolina, corn, barley, oats, rye with the help of rolls. It is supported by pneumatic and automation systems. The roller mills differ according to the product type and capacity and consist of many electronic, mechanical, and pneumatic parts. You can supply all spare parts and equipment of roller mills from Depart.


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