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What Should Be Considered While Buying An Elevator Bucket?

Bucket elevators are indispensable for production systems that require vertical trasport in milling factories. Bucket elevator systems are the most practical and suitable method for transportation made in vertical or inclined areas and are used in many sectors all over the world. The bucket elevators, which are the most suitable transfer equipments for transporting products in vertical of inclined areas, The bucket elevators provide transportation in narrow areas in the shortest time. The lifthing capacities and the heights they reach can change according to the specifications of the elevators. According to the working principle of bucket elevators, the buckets are fixed on chains or belts which are connected to chains or belts that are in constant rotation, carry the products to the point where they need to be transfered and returns back to the beginning point to take new products.

The most critical part of bucket elevators is the elevator bucket and for a quality production, the elevator buckets must be undamaged and changed in case of wear. The elevator buckets are the parts which transfer the products between the sections. Depart provides all types of spare parts needed.

Depart elevator buckets which operate effectively over a wide speed range are produced in two types:

• Steel & stainless steel elevator buckets (pressed / seamless)
• Plastic / non-metallic elevator buckets (nylon, HDP, or polyurethane)

The main features that distinguish Depart elevator buckets from other productions are;

• Break-resistant & flexible
• Suitable for variable weather conditions
• Friction resistance

It’s possible to supply all products such as elevator buckets, elevator belts, conveyor belts, scrapers and chains with scrapers, screw conveyors, etc. from Depart in various sizes needed.

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