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Wrap machine rotating arm Roto Wrap 1000 AE

Wrap machine rotating arm Roto Wrap 1000 AE

Model Easy Wrap 2000 A is a semi-automatic machine for stretch-film wrapping of palletized loads with the possibility to adjust the film tension by means of a mechanical brake or motorized prestretch.


Roto Wrap 1000 AE rotary pallet wrapper with electromagnetic clutch

The Roto Wrap 1000 AE rotary-arm pallet wrapper allows you to palletize both heavy and light unstable loads. The starting system and the stopping of the driving wheel take place without recoil and without inertia, furthermore the fixed accident-prevention guards are not necessary since the self-braking motor combined with the front bumper (Bumper) instantly stops the rotation at the minimum contact with an obstacle. The structure of the machine is counterbalanced and requires fixing to the floor.

General characteristics of the pallet wrapper

The Roto Wrap 1000 AE pallet wrapper is equipped with an electromagnetic clutch system and can process products with dimensions of L 1200 x W 1200 x H 2200 mm, supporting loads with unlimited weight. In addition to having the possibility of adjusting the number of revolutions on the lower and upper part of the pallet, it is also possible to adjust the gradual start of the rotation of the rotating arm by means of an inverter. The machine is equipped with a PLC and a 7.2 “color touch screen display that allows you to manage parameters such as the speed of carriage ascent and descent, photocell reading delay, cycle counter, etc.

Features and parameters


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