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Pulleys and Belts in the Milling Industry

There are many critical spare parts in milling. The pulleys and belts are among these important spare parts and play an important role in ensuring stability and high performance in power transmission, specially in roller mills.


To achieve the highest performance with machines, the belt and pulley system must operate properly. Here, quality is a critical factor. As the rolls run at high performance, all auxiliary elements must be of sufficient capacity to contribute to this performance. This way, rolls can rotate smoothly. With high-quality pulleys, both rolls and belts can operate well.


Checking the belts frequently also contributes ensuring the continuity of production. In collaboration with many proven manufacturers, Depart provides a range of high-quality belts for the milling industry, including timing belts and V-belts. These belt varieties can be supplied in different sizes to meet specific operational requirements.

Having a properly working system at your mill contributes the business continuity, operational excellence, and consistent quality. With many years of experience in the industry and a powerful global network, Depart supports millers across the world continuously. As a reliable business partner, Depart offers a wide range of high-quality pulleys and belts for the milling industry.

With Depart’s support, millers worldwide can meet their spare part needs quickly, securely, and with the benefits of premium service. If you need durable, reliable, and high-strength pulleys and belts for your mill, you can visit Depart’s user-friendly online shopping platform Depart Shop to view its product range.

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