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DIOS: Effective Remote Support Services for Milling Plants Worldwide

Maintenance, repair, and technical support are critical for the continuity of milling operations as they enabling more efficient and less costly system operation.


Failure-incurred costs, including losses related to workmanship, spare parts and downtimes, are usually much higher than maintenance costs. Preventive and periodic maintenance, which are among the most effective methods to ensure optimum system lifetime and efficiency, can help avoid a considerable amount of failures. They reduce downtimes and failures, securing business continuity and helping millers reach their business goals with less cost and higher efficiency.

Extensive after-sales services, anywhere in the world

Depart offers an extensive professional service portfolio ranging from spare part supply and periodic maintenance to prevent downtimes to training and immediate response via remote connection to support millers across the globe. With 3 distribution centers and over 45 offices worldwide, it ensures prompt and punctual spare time delivery to help millers run their operations at the level of optimum productivity.


With extensive after-sales services to support its customers with safe and proven solutions, Depart assists them in maximizing machine safety, optimizing costs, and running plant operations uninterruptedly. It offers ideal solutions to ensure its customers operate at a high level of productivity and efficiency with on-site and remote maintenance and technical support pack options.

Remote support knows no limits

Remote system diagnosis services enable much faster and cost-effective troubleshooting than plant visits. Thus, millers save time and costs related to both technical support procedures and failures.


Implementing the industry’s best practices with its in-depth expertise and know-how, Depart secures business continuity with remote support packages, reducing downtimes, service disruptions, and operational costs and offering actionable smart insights and real-time plant information.

DIOS Remote Mechanical Pack

DIOS Remote Mechanical Pack is an effective solution that stands out among Depart’s after-sales support services. Operating via an interactive and app-based software and offering support in 6 languages, DIOS enables immediate response to machine failures as well as human errors and failures, reducing maintenance costs thanks to uninterrupted information flow.


This reliable and proven interactive application supports millers to reduce their costs and secure business continuity by enabling them to minimize downtimes and service disruptions.

In addition to the technical support offered by expert engineers, it also enables two-way data sharing.

Highest benefit and customer satisfaction at every stage with Depart

We operate as a reliable and powerful business partner for millers across the globe with our broad inventory of spare parts, on-site and remote technical support, modernization services, and training programs to help our customers make the most of their investments.


You may contact our representatives to learn more about DIOS Remote Mechanical Pack and other after-sales technical support services we offer and enhance efficiency; improve occupational and food safety, product quality, and customer satisfaction; reduce operational and maintenance costs; and secure business continuity at your milling plant. Also, regardless of your mill’s location, you can smoothly meet any spare part needs you may have via our e-commerce platform Depart Shop (, available 24/7.

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