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Product Features

  • Full Color Cameras

The machine is equipped with Japan’s latest full color cameras which allow the sorter to match the eye’s ability to see true color. Even the smallest color differences are identified and rejected.


  • Near Infrared (NIR) Camera

The NIR camera detects inorganic foreign material such as stones, plastic, glass and other items that have a similar color to the accept product. Impurities such as glass, plastic and stones which have the same color as the accept material cannot always be detected by a full color camera. Featuring both NIR high technology camera and RGB full color cameras the NIRAMI has the ability to detect and remove foreign materials.


  • Shape Recognition

Shape recognition technology enables the machine to sort the material by shape (such as broken or adhered) which conventional color sorters could not achieve.

  • Advanced 3S Software

The 12 inch touch screen is designed for easy use.
The user-friendly interface with simple icons and images provides intuitive operation of the machine.
The advanced software evaluates the product application and automatically creates the sensitivity for accurate defect removal.

Optical Sorters

With 124 years of experience in rice process, Satake enables highly efficient and continuousoperation in cleaning, husking, milling and sorting stages. Rice grinding systems process thepaddy gradually, the targeted result in rice processing is to minimize the grain breakage and toreach a homogeneous, bright and high quality product.


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