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Satake Optical Sorters


    The machine is equipped with Japan’s latest full color cameras which allow the sorter to match the eye’s ability to see true color. Even the smallest color differences are identified and rejected.

    Pellet Sorter

      It provides high capacity and efficiency by offering high precision with its 2 pass system in the classification of plastic pellets.


        Satake optical sorter FMS is a compact full color RGB optical sorter ideal for small to medium processes. FMS has advanced digital image processing software and automatic image adjustment functions that allow accurate sorting of a wide variety of product types.


          Satake’s new series trichromatic optical sorter Ezer is specially designed for high efficiency separation of small grains such as rice and wheat with its sensitive full-color cameras close to the human eye, Satake’s patented 3-stage classification options and LED lighting for long-term use. With its 3, 6 and 9 channeled options, Ezer offers a stable performance at an affordable price for your capacity demands.


            Satake optical sorter EVO combines technological RGB cameras with excellent Satake software, offering high-capacity solutions for even very small defects.
            There are 3 different infrastructures on the EVO platform. (Full Color-RGB-NIR and Full Color+Shape)


              You can reach Satake machines with Depart quality and difference.